Our New Look — Bear With Us

We’ve been incredibly gratified by the response to our South Jerusalem blog since we launched it in March. We’re pleased by both the numbers of regular readers we’ve gained and by the quality of the comments and responses we’re getting. When we began, Gershom and I agreed that after three months we’d evaluate the blog and decide whether and how to continue. Clearly, the success calls for an upgrade of our platform and technical capabilities.

Since we’re 50-somethings who grew up in the pre-blog age, we were not fed html code as a supplement to our mothers’ milk and are still in the early learning stage about the technical stuff. We’re incredibly lucky to be benefiting from the advice and technical wizardry of David Abitbol of Jewlicious.

We apologize for the hiatus in posting–we’re back to our normal schedule as of today. And please bear with us over the coming days as we continue to make tweaks and improvements to the design.

2 thoughts on “Our New Look — Bear With Us”

  1. Gentlemen, please, it’s getting worse… There are so many simple and clear templates available for WordPress. Why don’t you try some of them instead of creating something that is actually rather confusing than helpful for a reader? Don’t let the form overshadow the content. And blogs are about content, after all.

  2. Hey Barbara,
    Thanks for weighing in. The last couple of weeks have seen Haim and Gershom and I discuss the merits of form over content, typography and who serves the best ices coffee in Jerusalem ad nauseum. I think what were trying to do is tread a fine line between all the competing interests. So far we’ve gone through like 4 templates, and we’ll keep tweaking it until we get to where Haim and Gershom are comfy. All I think they ask is that you simply bare with them. This has been traumatic for all of us! OK, well maybe not traumatic per se… but it’s been an experience!

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