Obama and Israel: The View From Home

Honey, its the dawn of a new day!
Honey, it's the dawn of a new day!

Haim Watzman

Daneila London-Dekel, Ha’aretz‘s down-to-earth editorial cartoonist, injects a little realism into today’s paper, which consists almost entirely of a series of articles expressing amazement, wonder, and admiration at Barack Obama’s election.

I’m also in a state of amazement, wonder, and admiration but I appreciate London-Dekel’s reminder that we’ve still got to get the kids dressed, fed, and out to school, and clean up the mess at home.

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  1. Haim,

    I have a different take on the cartoon: African Americans may be making strides and have gained admiration in Israel (as in much of the world), but men still aren’t doing their bit in the home.

    Equal rights for women start at home with the full participation of her man. It is so essential when wives do plenty to supplement their husbands’ not-so-substantial take-home pay.

    When will the bulk of Israeli men follow the example of so many of my friends in South Jerusalem who are already living in that new dawn?

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