Short Analysis of Bibi’s Speech

Gershom Gorenberg

Haim was right – about the content, and that it would have been healthier to go swimming than to listen.

7 thoughts on “Short Analysis of Bibi’s Speech”

  1. If he sticks to the guidelines he laid out, he will have a solid national consensus behind him in standing up to Obama should Obama try to force anything on Israel that goes against this.

  2. Yes, he has the guidelines and the nation behind him to defy Obama, Palestinians, Arabs, Europeans, justice, reason. He should be able to protect the status quo until the next war with Arabs. Bravo!

  3. Val-
    The last THREE wars Israel has fought (all within the last 10 years), was EACH OF THEM, fought when there was a “peace” government in power in Israel, committed to the “2-state solution” and the creation of a Palestinian state.
    The quietest period in Israel since the Oslo fiasco was foisted on Israel in 1993 was during Netanyahu was in power 1996-1999 and that was a government that opposed the creation of a Palestinian state. IT IS THE ‘PEACE PROCESS” THAT LEADS TO WAR.


    Well, just as radiation treatment leads to unwellness, loss of hair, and other tzuires. Bad, but necessary. Israel shouldn’t have smoked (=occupied) in the first place. Now it must suffer on the way to recovery. Any postponing of this will just increase the eventual pain.

  5. Charles Durning does the little side-step in a much more entertaining fashion in the musical – .

    No matter how you dance around it it’s still no denying the chicken ranch.

    (The chicken ranch is the musical’s version of an enterprise frowned upon by some and extolled by others, to the politician’s predicament, no other connotations implied).

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