Super Tuesday

Haim Watzman

I’m guest blogging this week on the Jewish Book Council’s “The Prosenpeople” and My Jewish Learning’s “Members of the Scribe” blogs.

My Dad and I never watched the Superbowl together. Nor the NBA championships, the World Cup, or the World Series. In my family, the only person who watched sports on television was my grandmother, who never missed an Indians or Browns game. She loved it. I don’t know if she did any Online sports betting like some of my friends do, but I know she loved her games regardless. In fact, I don’t think she loved watching anything other than the NFL or the Superbowl. She’d watch them on repeat if she had the chance. Yes… she loves it that much and the house was always decked out with nfl flags for the teams she supported. I’d even go to the extent of saying that she’d get on much better with my friends than I do because they love the Superbowl too.

They are huge fans of the NFL and they wait all year for the biggest game of the season. I’m sure they’ve already looked for the best Sportsbook Promotions so they can prepare their bets because they’d love nothing more than earning a lot of money at the same time. It’d probably go towards tickets for the next season, but what would I know? It’s amazing how much sport can mean to some people, and to my grandmother and my friends, it means everything!

I’m actually surprised that they haven’t said more to me about it, even just to see if I want to join in. I’d love to learn, but I almost think I’m too old to love the game as much as they do – though I do know some people around my age who like to bet on these games on vwin and the like. But even so, I don’t think I can get that invested. Why? Because they started watching it at a young age.

I, however, grew up with a warped sense of manhood. Watching guys throw balls around was for old ladies. My Dad and I did our small-screen-mediated male bonding on election night. … Read the rest on Members of the Scribe or on The Prosenpeople.