Make Films, Not War

Three days left to apply .

Reena Lazar of Peace It Together tells me that her organization is accepting applications until May 10 for this summer’s peace camp: A small group of Israeli, Palestinian and Canadian teens will spend three weeks together on an island near Vancouver learning leadership and communication skills and making films together. The follow-up program lasts for the full year afterwards.

I kid you not: You (or your 16-18-year-old kid) have been sitting around thinking about how adults have messed up the world, but also wanting to do something outrageously fun this summer, and now someone is offering you a chance to make a difference and also learn how to make films. On an island off Vancouver. If you are eligible and you don’t hit this link , then really! I don’t understand you.

OK, you won’t instantly make peace between Israelis and Palestinians. No one will instantly make peace. Some people offering you a chance to make a step in right direction. Excuse me, have you pulled your sixteen-year old over to the screen yet so that she can hit this link ?

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