My New “Necessary Stories” Program

Haim Watzman

Last week I gave a sneak preview of my new “Necessary Stories” show and my hard work is paying off—the audience laughed and pondered and enjoyed. I’ll be polishing it up over the next couple months and then it will be ready to go on tour. I’ll be in the U.S. in late Nov.-early Dec. 2009, and in April and August 2010. And of course I’m available in Israel as well.

From my new Speaking and Performances page, where you can see more about this and my other speaking topics:

Life in Israel as portrayed in my “Necessary Stories” column in The Jerusalem Report is alternatively absurd, melancholy, and lyrical. Combining personal experience with literary allusion and juxtaposing my own angst with that of everyone from Second Aliya pioneers to Felix Mendelssohn to Batman, these tales are unique and unforgettable. In this one-man presentation, I talk about the craft of writing, the ups and downs of writing and life in Israel, and tell several of my Necessary Stories. The program is flexible; it can include between 3-7 stories, for a program ranging from 45 minutes to an hour and a quarter in length. A video preview will be available here soon.

If you like South Jerusalem, please consider inviting me over—and pass on the word to your friends and acquaintances.

I’ll be posting my latest “Necessary Stories” piece, “Red Briefs and Rain-Ink,” later this week.