Black Hole — “Necessary Stories” from The Times of Israel

Haim Watzman

illustration by Avi Katz
Time ends when a child dies, as it does in the dark heart of a galaxy. The eternal moment, when I dropped Niot off at the bus stop at Fureidis Junction, and he opened the car door to receive a farewell assurance, ask a last question, when I touched him whole for the final time.

No child knows it until he himself becomes a father or a mother. No child really grasps that he weighs billions of solar masses … continue reading at The Times of Israel

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Necessary Stories about Niot:

Four Waterfalls, One Hidden
Meditation: Seven years without my son, Niot.
Issue of April 30, 2018

Third Day of Spring
Meditation: Planting flowers at my son’s grave.

The Day of His Birth
Meditation: On the death of my son.

Pepe Fainberg A Him to himA Him to him
Meditation: A letter to Bach on the loss of my son.

Other Nights
Meditation: The Seder, chamber music, and the death of my son.

Avi Katz -- FirefliesFireflies
Meditation: Mourning my son, four years later

Avi Katz -- DesertionDesertion

Meditation: When a child dies, he becomes incessantly present.
Avi Katz -- VoidGrasping the Void
Meditation: Five years without my son

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