Stories about Niot

Necessary Stories about Niot:

Fog (2021)
Meditation: Ten years after the loss of my son Niot

The Anemone’s Smile (2020)
Meditation: A flower remind me of my son’s smile, nine years after his death.

Black Hole (2019)
Meditation: Remembering my son Niot z”l

Four Waterfalls, One Hidden (2018)
Meditation: Seven years without my son, Niot.

Third Day of Spring (2017)
Meditation: Planting flowers at my son’s grave.

Avi Katz -- VoidGrasping the Void (2016)
Meditation: Five years without my son

Avi Katz -- FirefliesFireflies (2015)
Meditation: Mourning my son, four years later

Avi Katz -- DesertionDesertion (2014)
Meditation: When a child dies, he becomes incessantly present.

Pepe Fainberg A Him to himA Him to him (2013)
Meditation: A letter to Bach on the loss of my son.

Other Nights (2012)
Meditation: The Seder, chamber music, and the death of my son.

The Day of His Birth (2011)
Meditation: On the death of my son.

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