More on Gay Families: The Halachic Challenge

Thanks to Jeff Greer for responding to my post Gay Families: The Halachic Challenge and mentioning an important book for those interested in the subject, Rabbi Steven Greenberg’s “Wrestling with God and Man”. Greenberg is a gay Orthodox Jew who is doing important work to find a place for gay men and women in traditional Judaism.

I also recommend Daniel Rynhold’s review of Chaim Rapoport’s book Judaism and Homosexuality: An Authentic OrthodoxView from the Edah Journal. As you’ll see there, the problem is a tough one and a serious solution will require a lot of hard work.

It’s important to point out that in Rabbinic Judaism, which is what Orthodox Judaism today is, the nature and meaning of the biblical injunction against homosexuality is only part of the story. A true Orthodox solution to the problem will have to grapple with the halachic literature on the subject over the ages.

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  1. There is no halachic challenge; one who commits a homosexual act is deserving of the death penalty according to the Torah. Nobody today can carry out this ruling, but the zero value placed on the life of such a person remains.

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