South Jerusalem, Globalized

Despite my doubts about globalization and the leveling of culture, it seems that South Jerusalem franchises are popping up worldwide. Rather than suffering deep moral qualms, I’ve decided to relabel this phenomenon as “exporting the revolution.”

So – if you wanted to read my article on Israel in 2028, were it only available in Polish, you can do so here:

W Izraelu, w roku 2028, na rynku literackim króluje Ibrahim Abdullah Hapalit. Jego pierwsza powieść, “Synaj”, oparta jest na doświadczeniu z dzieciństwa – ucieczce z Darfuru, przez Egipt i synajską pustynię do ziemi obiecanej…

If, on the other hand, you’d like to see the Spanish version of my post on the mad Islamophobes who thought Dunkin’ Donuts was supporting international jihad, there’s a piece of it here:

Por lo tanto, [Daniel] Pipes, Michelle Malkin, [Pam] Geller y demás, presten atención: las palabras ‘alcohol’, ‘álgebra’ y ‘algoritmo’ son en realidad árabes. Son la prueba de un infame complot islámico para destruir la sociedad occidental. Si la frase “43% de alcohol” aparece en su botella de whisky, es la prueba de que Al-Qaeda controla Escocia.

I admit that I didn’t take the time to check the translations. (No, the Polish was not the original version.) I’ve been too busy negotiating to have a small red book of Quotations of Haim Watzman published in Chinese.

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  1. I wouldn’t import revolution to Poland. We’ve had enough of them there… But thinking – this we’ve always lacked, regardless of ethnicity. 😉

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