Shana Tova!

South Jerusalem wishes all our readers–those who love us, those who hate us, those who agree with us, those who disagree–a happy Jewish new year. Here in South Jerusalem we’ll be celebrating the two-day holiday with our families and engaging in examining our own faults and forgiving those of others. And we’ll be contemplating how to further peace and understanding in the world and critical engagement with our history, texts, and culture among our own Jewish people. We’ll be back to posting on Thursday, after the holiday.

2 thoughts on “Shana Tova!”

  1. Thank you for the new years greeting. May the Lord God, The creator of heaven and earth bless you and your family and let Him find you in His will this year. Peace to Isreal and Jeruselem.

  2. Many thanks for your sentiments, but I have a practical problem. Forgiving others I can manage, but how can I possibly examine all of my own faults in just two days?

    A sweet holiday to you and your families.

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