Why Pass on the Trauma? A Conversation with Avraham Burg

On bloggingheads.tv, I’ve interviewed Avrum Burg about his nearly new book, The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes.  I say nearly new, because the book came out earlier in Israel, where it was roundly attacked, mostly by people who hadn’t read it but knew precisely what it said.

I’m told that this is the first-ever bloggingheads conversation between two guys wearing kippot. You can click above to watch, or go over to the bloggingheads site, where you have the option of jumping to specific topics. If you do, feel free to comment at either site.

6 thoughts on “Why Pass on the Trauma? A Conversation with Avraham Burg”

  1. Yawn> Two post zionists clucking like roosters. Go to Kvutzat Yavneh and pick olives. Productive labor would make these old fools dizzy

  2. Gershom: I watched 20 minutes and although I haven’t read the book I agree with the general idea that supporting Israel and Jewish life in general has more to do with living a Jewish life, as Haim before has suggested, than joining the IDF. The danger of highlighting only the negativity e.g. Shoah and Yom Kippur . . . especially in the U.S. is to make Jewish life un-attractive and thus make assimilation look oh-so-attractive. Suddenly I’m reminded of the transformation in the Kurasawa masterpiece: Ikuru where the business man finds the true meaning of what it means “to live.” Does one want to live in the light and happiness of Shabbes or worship at the would-be golden calf of Shoah over-emphasis?

    Many thanks to you and Haim for your continued blogging.

  3. Harkabi’s book was ignored. The ‘Fateful Hour’ has passed. The choice made. Can Israel be saved? Probably not.

  4. Avraham, can you see far enough into the future to the time when you will be reconciled to the God that led you out of Egypt? It will come.

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