The Cliche Expert Visits Gaza (with apologies to Frank Sullivan)

Haim Watzman

cliche-expert1Q: Why Magnus Arbuthnot! How unexpected to see you in South Jerusalem! What brings you here?

A: I have been sent by a respected and impartial NGO to investigate the carnage inflicted by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Q: Which NGO would that be?

A: An NGO that uses an ostensible human-rights agenda as camouflage for an anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic program.

Q: So you’ve been south. What did you see there?

A: Collateral damage.

Q: Collateral to what?

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4 thoughts on “The Cliche Expert Visits Gaza (with apologies to Frank Sullivan)”

  1. This piece nicely illustrates the fact that an objective perspective is an oxymoron. It is unfortunate for our politics, but necessary for reality, otherwise it would lack any fundamental contrast. Three dimensions are simply the coordinate system of the center point and there is no absolute center point. Not only that, but we are not traveling along a fourth dimension from yesterday to tomorrow. Tomorrow becomes yesterday because the earth rotates. Time is a function of motion, not the basis for it.
    The conceptual flaw in monotheism is that the absolute, the universal state, has no division or distinction. It is the neutral void out of which structure emerges, not a point of focus. The real mystery is the element of consciousness. Knowledge is simply a feedback loop. So the spiritual absolute is the essence of being from which we rise, not a moral or intellectual ideal from which we fell. Conflicting ideals leave no room for compromise.
    Good and bad are the binary code of biological calculation, not a duel between the forces of light and darkness. Even the most basic life forms distinguish between beneficial and detrimental. Between black and white are not just shades of grey, but all the colors of the spectrum.
    Not to get too deep, but that’s how far down these fractures go.

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