Debating David Frum

Gershom Gorenberg

Bloggingheads invited me to talk with neocon David (“Axis of Evil”) Frum about the election fallout here, the new administration there, and what it would take to reach peace.

You can watch here on SoJo, or switch to if you want to zoom in on a particular topic.

7 thoughts on “Debating David Frum”

  1. Oops. You mean, that’s not a standard expression in English as well? I guess I’ve been caught thinking in Hebrew.

  2. The equivalent English expression is, of course, “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” Which shows that the Brits were eating cake while the Jews were dancing at weddings.

  3. Mr. Gorenberg,

    What percentage of the settlers would you say are the most extreme – e.g. insisting that the only way they will leave is feet first?

    What, for example, if the government offered to reimburse settlers a certain amount if they left voluntarily, with a substantial reduction or nothing if they needed to be evacuated forcefully? What if the government declared that after a certain date, certain basic services such as electricity/water/security would no longer be provided? What if people who remained in the settlements were no longer given benefits provided to citizens of Israel proper?

    Is it the settlers themselves who are the obstacle, or public opinion which would not allow such a stand? Or is it the army? What does the tipping point refer to?

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