Watch My Sister

Haim Watzman

explain our family’s perspective on blogs and the new media. Nancy is hostess of the Sunlight Foundation’s Party Time! blog, which last month won an award at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. Nancy got a free trip to Bonn while we here at SoJo slaved away under the Levantine sun.

Nancy Watzman @ DWGMF 2009 from Cafe Digital on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Watch My Sister”

  1. Not so long ago I discovered OpenSecrets, a project of the Sunlight Foundation. It’s proven to be a source of excellent information and I can hardly keep up with the volume of posts there.

    So, what a surprise to find out there is a familial relationship with another of my favorite sites, this one.

    Your sister has a lively and engaging persona and she has her priorities straight – playing with the kids! That’s the best investment any of us can make for a better world.

  2. Hi Clif,

    I’m actually an alumnus of OpenSecrets, so I’m delighted that you enjoy the good work they do.

    As for my “lively and engaging persona,” I’m sure my brother can fill you in on many a tale from my toddler years. Thanks for the compliment!

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