Won’t You Please Come to Sheikh Jarrah…

Gershom Gorenberg

Sheikh Jarrah - August 6, 2010 - 4 p.m.
Stop the Racism: Show Solidarity with Sheikh Jarrah, August 6, 4 p.m.

It’s been a year since the eviction of two Palestinian families from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. The eviction was carried out under laws that give Jewish refugees from 1948, or whomsoever appoints themselves to act in those refugees’ names, the right of return – even while Palestinians who gave up their refugee status and rebuilt their lives are made into refugees again.

In that year, something has happened. The demonstrations each Friday have grown. An Israeli peace movement has been born, or reborn.

This Friday stop telling yourself you really should be at Sheikh Jarrah. Get there.

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7 thoughts on “Won’t You Please Come to Sheikh Jarrah…”

  1. Maybe you can tell us more about how this happened, who made it happen, what the Palestinian role is, coupled with the Jewish, in this action–if you have time.

    I do believe, with Gandhi, that there is a love force as well as violence and that, without the former, the world would have already collapsed. It is always operating somewhere, I tell myself. Unknown Righteous are out there, I tell myself.

  2. Great post.
    1. I love the headline! Good one!

    2. I believe you need to add the word “out” after “The eviction was carried…”

    3. What do people think of the non-Muslim female activists being asked by the Palis to cover up? I think they should cover up. I know it’s the Puritan in me, but how seriously can I take a woman in a tube top? Save it for the clubbing…

  3. so i’m an american student interested in coming. im also in the middle of applying for a student visa. does anyone know if there has been much in the way of students arrested, or if that would cause problems while getting my visa squared away?

  4. I am in Chicago, the location mentioned in the original lyric of your title and, were Jerusalem within range of my modes of transportation (foot or bicycle) I would definitely be there.

    Let’s hope the reference to earlier days can be extended with “the whole world is watching”

  5. Ok, to do my part I’ve spent the last couple of hours with maps and my keyboard to come up with a geography primer on Sheikh Jarrah for my fellow Americans. Take a look anyone and feel free to leave a comment as I don’t even know yet if the comments are working. New bloggers are pretty lonely – so I will even welcome hate mail!

  6. Clif,

    as a test I left a comment at the link you provided, but am doubtful that the comment was processed.

    In any case, I am very impressed with your efforts on your new blog. You know how to do something–and are.

  7. I have left a simple question a couple of times before but no answer. So I’ll ask again for you case, if you have one.
    FROM WHAT AUTHORITY DO THE EVICTED PEOPLE DERIVE THEIR CLAIM FOR OWNERSHIP? As far as I can figure out Jordan give them something, I’m not sure what, to land they either did not own or owned by right of conquest and a temporary boundary agreement after the cessation of fighting., If I am wrong tell me.

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