Finkelstein Contra Aljazeera

Haim Watzman

Worth reading: Israel Finkelstein’s rebuttal to Aljazeera’s propaganda film Looting the Holy Land, which accuses Israel of a systematic policy of stealing artifacts from the West Bank. Finkelstein is the Tel Aviv University archaeologist whose “late chronology” theory claims that most of the finds once attributed to the era of Kings David and Solomon are actually from a later period. As a result, he’s often been accused by modern-day Philistines of providing grist for the mills of those who deny the that the Jews have any rights in the Land of Israel. But here he offers a point-by-point refutation of some big lies.

3 thoughts on “Finkelstein Contra Aljazeera”

  1. I can imagine a well off American who, although not resident in Israel, is elligble to buy land use rights under the extended law of return. I imagine he has, renting his property out. I imagine further he owns a nice estate in the United States, and estate whose land is known to have once been appropriated from First Americans (makes more sense than “Native Americnas,” to me), say, in the 1830’s. I can imagine this American favoring East Jerusalem “settlements” based on ancient claim of David. Should he then also abandon his American estate, inviting those ancient there of claim to repossess in right?

    Perhaps the claim is of God, and God did not exist anciently in America–only in Israel. Perhaps the claim is not of God but of present power to control.

    If the latter, then law is in demise. If the former, then there is but one God, and He is not mine.

  2. Mike, you’re welcome to participate in the discussion here, but just scattering around links to your blog without them being even germane to the post at hand is not polite in the blog world. If you keep up this practice we’ll have to disallow your comments.

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