What the Breaking the Silence Report Says about the Gaza War–and Doesn’t

Excerpt from my new op-ed in The Forward

Photo by the IDF
Photo by the IDF

In its most recent report , Breaking the Silence does something different — it points its spotlight at the haze of a full-scale military operation, last summer’s Protective Edge incursion into the Gaza Strip and tries to draw from its testimonies bigger lessons about an Israeli army functioning wildly without a clear code of ethics. But rather than clear-sighted, the result of this exercise is confused.

The reason is that Breaking the Silence’s signature activity, that of collecting and publishing testimonies from soldiers, is a good way of dispelling the fog of the occupation for Israeli citizens but not a good way of addressing the tough questions of morality and the practice of just war that this operation, like any conflict between a state and a non-state actor, raises.

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  1. Great points, that BTS is doing good but that we need to know context. Very unusual to hear something so thoughtful on this topic. All I ever hear is vitriol.

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