What Happens to Permanent Revolutions

I wasn’t planning to post, given that it’s almost Shabbat, but I came across a bit of news that I must with SoJo’s readers: Trotsky’s ashes stolen and baked in cookies From the left-Zionist-Orthodox perspective, I’d just point out that: 1. These should not be consumed until the party of the revolutionary vanguard rules on … Read more

Childe’s Play: Neolithic Revolution or Evolution?

I’ll forgive Gershom his faux pas in referring to the laws of thermodynamics when he meant Newton’s laws of motion; after all, I’ve the science beat on this blog. The slip-up shows, however, how important terminology is. Gershom wanted to make a point about how every action produces a reaction. The first law of thermodynamics says that the change in the internal energy of a closed system equals the heat inserted into the system plus the work done in the system. That produces a very different political metaphor.

A political word, “revolution,” gets used in a lot of scientific contexts without sufficient attention to the meanings it bears with it. In this post I want to address one of those contexts, the period in prehistory called the Neolithic revolution.

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