How to Debate Like Palin

Gershom Gorenberg

Thanks to my friend John Ogulnik, I have learned how to debate with the masters. As best as I can tell, the source is Aden Nak.

How to Debate Like Palin

2 thoughts on “How to Debate Like Palin”

  1. The tide is flowing out. I think one thing we can thank the tanking economy for is the demise of the McCain/Palin effort.

    In the debate she reminded me of GWB – same folksy nonsense, no real grasp of the issues. But then it always amazed me that GWB was considered even close in his debates with Kerry in 2004, so I’m clearly out in the woods on debate analysis.

    When I first saw GWB on TV in 2000, I could not believe he was being put up for the presidency, so Palin brought that back as well. Once again, U.S. democracy has proven its strength – the strength to survive awful choices. Most remarkable is that is good people occasionally show up in elected office.

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