If Candidates Were Trains

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  1. Although if I were to vote in the election, I would vote for McCain, but I don’t believe that Palin was the best choice due to her lack of experience. She is not “stupid” however. She got to be Governor of a state on her own, unlike Hillary, who would never have elected to her local PTA board if she hadn’t been Mrs Bill.

  2. Y: You and a few Americans don’t get it .To most of the informed world Sarah is a joke, a mediocrity who is obvious evidence of our descent into the abyss of irrelevance as a thinking nation that she should even be considered to be a “heartbeat ” away from the presidency Mc Cain had an opportunity to select some good and smart Republican women like Elisabeth Dole,Kay Bailey Hutchinson, or Susan Collins but he picked probably the worst choice since Spiro Agnew. Of course to a facist like you John ( the Keating Five Poster boy)is

    up your alley and helps to bolster your rants .Moose- eater isn’t fit to be in the same world as Hillary Clinton a distinquished law graduate of Yale , an accomplished trial and appellate lawyer . a United States senator from this country’s second largest state population -wise and a woman whose IQ is above 160. Mrs. Clinton is well- qualified to sit on the United States Supreme Court .Sarah Palen is qualified to sit on her local PTA and the jury is stiil out on her tenure of a state with 650,000 people plus Kodiak bears , and other assorted wildlife
    Yes she is not stupid but she is ignorant

  3. George, I agree with most of what you say, but I’d really appreciate it if you not bandy about the epithet “fascist” on this blog. You and I disagree with YBD but he’s no fascist. And when you use the term carelessly, it won’t be of much use when we encounter real fascists.

    YBD’s claim that Hillary Clinton would not have been appointed to or elected to anything had she not been married to Bill is simply false. She was a well-known public figure in her own right before she got to the White House. I remember her name being mentioned as a potential cabinet member in a Democratic administration when Bill’s presidential prospects still looked like a long shot.

  4. I apologize for the use of the term facist . I agree Y is not a facist just a nationalist with xenophobic tendencies.I think he defends his positions well , although I take umbrage with them and I apologize to Y for engaging in needless “name-calling”on my part. Hillary and I have another tie that binds. We were both Order of the Coif at our respective law schools

  5. Haim: I voted already by absentee military ballot in Washington State. Rest assured though that Sen. Obama will be likely taking our eleven electoral votes. I am looking forward to an exciting election night and then saluting smartly in January.

  6. As a part-time train geek/trainspotter/”foamer,” I have to take exception with some of the pictures. Sen Obama is pictured as some sort of effete European high-speed train. This should be replaced with the Acela Express trainset, as Sen Obama is all-American, and the Acela is as close to an all-American high-speed passenger train as we now have. (It’s assembled by a Canadian company (Bombardier) in Vermont.)

    Senator Biden is pictured with an Amtrak Diesel passenger locomotive of the F40PH series, which have been discontinued in Amtrak service, although a few still run on commuter railroads.


    Also, note that Senator Biden is a regular passenger on Amtrak’s northeast Corridor service, the trains of which are powered by diesel locomotives. In fact, Senator Biden travels on the Acela Express, so perhaps he, too should be pictured as an Acela Express trainset. As an alternative, I would suggest picturing Sen Biden as an HHP-8 electric locomotive, the most up-to-date power unit pulling trains between his home town of Wilmington and Washington DC:


    As for Senator McCain, the steam locomotive shown is far too modern to depict the candidate. I would recommend this piece of rolling stock:


    But depicting Gov Palin as a toy train off the rails is spot on.

  7. “Also, note that Senator Biden is a regular passenger on Amtrak’s northeast Corridor service, the trains of which are powered by diesel locomotives.”

    Whoops. Some “foamer” I am! I meant to say that the Northeast corridor trains are powered by **electric** locomotives, not diesel.

  8. For the ” unwashed ” it is a scholastic award given by disignated law schools for exemplary achievement as a student. It is separate from ” law review ” which is a yearly appointment and from phi beta kappa which is usually an undergraduate award.
    The term comes from the English origination which was a title given to serjeants of the law usually former priests who gave up their profession( they were usually the only literate members of society in the Middle Ages)The coif was originally a thin linen cover given to cover the clerical tonsure and later became the forensic wig with a black patch we see today. The honorary legal fraternity is made up of law students with the highest standing in their law school class.
    So to answer your question , the answer Yisrael and to be more succinct coif is a thing not a person ;therfore NO

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